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Shadsy's gameplay for Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition

Shadsy played Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition

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The more I play Mass Effect 2, the more I start to realize how intricate this game is going to get. I wasted maybe a full hour or two just on the mining minigame. Sometimes I feel like my choices are an illusion, that the game is forcing me to go in a certain direction. And as tempted as I am to reload and replay certain scenes to figure that out, I won't, because that's half the fun.

My only real caveat so far is that occasionally, conversation choices won't go as you had planned. "Calm down" can get translated as "You better shut up before I put a bullet in your head." It's also impossible, for whatever reason, to avoid flirting with certain characters in discussions. This is really frustrating, and I hope I can avoid being forced to hit on specific characters in order to get the plot going where I want.
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